Monday, August 16, 2004

Rialto Beach

Hey Gang,

Some of us are planning on heading out to Rialto Beach this weekend. Let me know if you'd like to join us. Below is an email I sent out to those who are going. Read it! If you're interested, let me know.

Hey y’all,

Yay, this weekend is Rialto Beach! Hope everyone is getting excited and prepared for our journey. I wanted to give everyone a bit of information before we head on out there. Looks like low tides for the day are at 9:45am and 10:30pm. My *guess* is that the route through the hole in the wall will be impassable from 2pm through 6pm and 2am (on Saturday) through 6am. Here is a link to the tide tables.

Campsite information:

It’s a little more than a mile hike out to the place where we usually camp so take that into consideration when you’re packing. Usually a small fresh water spring runs close by our campsite, but last time we were there it was dry. I plan on bringing water for a day (just in case) and then deal with the water situation on Saturday. There are Muscles you can collect for food though I’d stick with the dehydrated stuff…

Driving Situation: Looks like everyone will be leaving Friday. I may be leaving early in the morning, but maybe not. Most folks will be leaving Friday afternoon. Let me know what your driving situation (or needing a ride situation) is like and I’ll try to hook everyone up. There are essentially two routes to Rialto Beach. Route 1 goes through Edmonds/Kingston Ferry to highway 104 to highway 101. Route 2 is the drive on I-5 to Olympia then to Highway 101. We’ve found that it pretty much takes the same amount of time either way. You either wait in traffic or the Ferry Line. Take your pick.

Esperanza’s friend produced this amazing Pirate’s Map that guided us on our first trip and I hope to scan a copy of it and email it out to the first timers. Until then, you can browse the below links I gathered through a simple yahoo search.

Photos and Story: you can barely see the Hole in the Wall in the top photo (to the right of the giant rock in front). There is a bigger picture of the ‘hole’ further down.
Weird Directions and Info:

Oh and feel free to invite anyone you want. They are welcomed as long as they bring booze.


At 11:30 PM, Blogger Emma Rose said...

I can't wait to hike and surf and sing (off key, of course)


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