Friday, May 07, 2004

Movie Club Make-Up

This is it-- your chance to prove your loyalty to Movie Club. The challenge: see all the movies you skipped. Find some interesting, amazing, deep, and intelligent thing to say about each movie. Wow the movie club members who have been committed enough to see all the films on time. Try to be like us.

I did some reviewing of our movie list on the blog and decided that we have not yet seen an epic film. So the movie for this month is "Troy." Even if it is bad, it is Brad Pitt in armor for two hours.

Dinner is Monday, June 7 at 7:00pm, location TBD. If it's nice, maybe my patio or Agua Verde. Or around the firepit at my folk's new house, so we can check out their movie room. At this dinner, we will discuss "Troy" and review all the other films we've watched-- especially my last pick, "Mystic River," (which not only did people not see, but they bailed on us for the dinner, too). You guys owe me.