Monday, March 28, 2005


I hope no one has a seizure.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sandy Hollywood, 16, running 'round the gravel green

Cinneclub, I'm finally paying my dues. Saw Mystic River a few weeks ago, caught In America last weekend or so, and Monster is coming via Netflix. Mystic River was flawed, but still an interesting watch. I thought that In America would bore the hell out of me, but it was much better than expected. My eyes actually watered up a bit. Granted I was a bit boozed up, tired, and laying on my side, but the movie was still quite touching. And I didn't fall asleep....I still need to see the infamous Hotel Rwanda and Inside Deep Throat, but I will be caught up after that. Yay me.

Also, I want to formally recommend two movies - City of God and The Ballad of Jack and Rose

City of God blew my mind. Death and carnage on the streets on Rio. Based on a true story too. Remarkable, beautiful, disturbing, and unforgettable movie. See it if you haven't.

Tonight I saw The Ballad of Jack and Rose, which officially opens on the 1st (free tickets courtesy of phil b). Great soundtrack (3 or 4 dylan songs), great acting, slightly disturbing, beautiful, and tragic. See it fools.

Also, movie club should have an expedition to see Emma's movie pick. imax films are always better in groups. And I don't think we've all seen each other in a while. Boooooo

"Knockin' on the door, I say, "Who is it and where are you from?"
Man says, "Freddy!" I say, "Freddy who?" He says, "Freddy or not here I come."
Poor boy 'neath the stars that shine
Washin' them dishes, feedin' them swine"

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Music after Movie Club?

Hey gang,

On Monday night (after our appointed movie club time), Jeff, Shawn and I are going to see M. Ward at the Tractor. I happen to have an extra ticket and wanted to know if one (or more of you - tix still available) would like to come along.

The cost is only $8 which just happens to be cheaper than one of those movies we go see.

Let me know!


Monday, March 07, 2005

Movie Club Dinner Postponed

Tonight's Movie Club Dinner Has Been Moved To Next Monday.

Thank You,